This Monkey’s Gone To Seven

Apologies to The Pixies.

In this episode we quote Frank Black, discuss more DIY Road Trip Tips, cover our very excellent Halloween and visits to local pubs and theaters, and offer another excerpt from, “The Great American Roadtrip Colon Southwest Edition.”


Part 1: More DIY Road Trip Tips

It has become so dark so early here at The Capital Couple Hideout and we can no longer deny that it is fully fall.  But, that does not mean that we won’t do the best we can when delivering more of our fine tips about assembling your own DIY Road Trip.  To do so, we decided to enjoy a Jubelale 2015 (for Marla), and the rest of the Temperance that I was gifted for helping the band Xiphoid Process record a few tracks for an upcoming 7″.  (Thanks again, guys!  For those who are interested, here’s a photoset to everything I shot when I was recording them.  If you like hardcore, that will have little bearing on weather or not you might dig Xiphoid Process.  But you should check them out.)

IMG_9882Marla and I spend a moment at the top of the show discussing our stay at Cave Lake (as discussed in Episode Six).  We both agree that it was an amazing place, that would have been great to stay at for a few days, to take in the potential hiking and quiet of the remote location.  However, it is a bit inaccessible to get to very quickly, and is a bit much work for a hit and run trip, like we were making.  While I could find out little else about “Fort Benjamin Wade,” I did find this blog post about a gentleman who met someone named Larry, who let the gentleman stay in this area (in June of 2008).  So perhaps the fort was in better condition then?  Hard to say.  If anyone else has more information about this place (again, this is on Pine Creek Canyon Road, on the way out to the Cave Lake Campground), I would love to know more.

And now, here are some more DIY Vacation Tips

01.) Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbors.  We know how it is in the big city.  You never talk to the people around you, never ever, under any circumstances.  Not even your neighbors.  But in this case, it is a very good idea to get to know them – even slightly – so that if you need to talk to them for whatever reason, you can.  Not only does it make that later conversation easier, but it helps to know them a little for reasons of safety and security.  If you talk to them, you’ll know right away if you should worry, or if you’ll enjoy being next to them.

02.) Car Trouble Defense / Check Your Fluids.  While Marla did do some car maintenance before the trip, the thing we didn’t do is sit down and have a conversation about the car, what might go wrong, what the insurance information was, and who to contact in emergencies.  If we had, we might have reminded each other of other things to check in the car, and it would have given us a chance to go over things together, which is very handy.  Having information sunk with only one of us makes us less effective in emergencies.  Fortunately, our small bout of car trouble was the only time we had any problems during the entire trip.

03.) Don’t Automatically Think The Worst.  This is very easy to to, especially if you are far from home, and especially if you are not very familiar with what can and can’t be done in the area that you are visiting.  But Jumping To Conclusions is always a bad idea, and it is always much more effective to try and look at every moment as something that you’re trying to handle as effectively as possible.  In our case, the car was fine, and we had no emergency of which to speak.  But we couldn’t have known that the first moment.  But, had we continued to assume the worst, there could have much bigger challenges ahead, and not just getting the car to work again.


We had big plans for Halloween this year, but aside from getting up our decorations, and putting on our costumes (Crimson & Clover, as seen here), the weather that day really put a crimp in our style.  Anyway, here’s a link to the Blog Post where you can read all about our decorations this year, and here’s the photoset, that goes through each of our decorations.  And, for fun, I’ll close with the video of the Walk-Up to our house at night.  It was pretty awesome.

IMG_2036Marla got to attend a very cool Blythe Doll Halloween Party.  Marla used to be a lot more immersed in the Blythe community, but over the years has sold off most of her stuff, save for a few of her favorite dolls, and some clothes for them.  The doll pictured here is named Stoli, and she is a Goldie (you can find photos of other goldies easily; they are a kind of doll that was made early on, and became collectible very quickly).  The pumpkin head was crafted by Marla.  The dress was made Marla’s friend Julie, who runs a Blythe Doll clothing enterprise called House of Pinku.  We recommend that you check out her stuff, as she makes very cute Doll Dresses.  (There aren’t any up for sale now, but keep checking; new stuff gets posted periodically.)

As we wrap up the subject of Halloween, we had a couple of complaints we wanted to file.  We still had people knock on our door, with mother’s waving their children toward us, in spite of there being no lights of any kind on (and the weather being shit).  I’m pretty sure that there is a long-standing tradition about there needing to be active signs of people being home before you should be encouraging your kids to knock, and even then, I grew up thinking that if there wasn’t a lit pumpkin, then you should just skip that house.  But I guess I’m wrong, because parents today are teaching their kids that you just knock on any door at all, even if they look like they aren’t home.  So it goes.  What is your indicator that a house is open for business on Halloween Night?

IMG_2013Lastly, we have had to come to terms with the fact that we have some ruiners in our neighborhood, because every time we have anything close to the sidewalk, or that someone can reach out and fuck with, they will.  This is a photo of a light that was broken (twice) by who we can only assume was the same kid.  It sucks, because we really enjoyed the way our house was decorated and set up, but it seems as if there are people in our neighborhood who just don’t want others to have nice things.  If you have any stories about broken decorations that you’ve put up, please let us know, so we can commiserate.


IMG_2985Part 2: Silent Movies & Record Swaps.  

Before we get too far into things for this section of the show, let me first show you the full-length mirror that I hung in the bedroom.  See?  Not bad for not knowing what I’m doing.  In addition to hanging the mirror, IMG_2986we moved our gift bench from where it had been for our wedding, to our front porch where it belongs.  This bench was made by our friend Tommy, over at Level Ride Concepts, out of left-over scrap metal from another project that was for our wedding: rusted metal hearts that we had as gifts for IMG_3426our wedding guests.  IMG_6439Tommy mostly does work with race cars and high-performance vehicles, but his business does metalwork of a pretty wide range.  If you are in the position to pay for some metalwork, we recommend you check out his stuff.  He’s very friendly, and works very, very quickly.

IMG_1985The Elsinore Theater in Salem is a really excellent example of a very cool, restored venue that puts on a variety of shows and events.  Ranging from film to theater, touring artists and comedians, and everyone in between, it is the place to check out local entertainment in a pretty stylish building.  They host their Wednesday Film Series throughout the year, where movies are always $5.

IMG_1932-ANIMATIONOne of the rarer events they host is performer Rick Parks playing live Wurlitzer Organ along with selected Silent Movies, in the style of silent films back in the day.  We caught the last of these performances for the Fall Season, and there won’t be any more until after the first of the year.  However, these are really incredible, and a lot of fun.

We saw three films that night: “The Balloonatic” with Buster Keaton, “Work” with Charlie Chaplin, and “Haunted Spooks” w/ Harold Lloyd.  All three were super funny, very well projected, and sounded great with Rick on the organ.  After the films, he continued for about 20 minutes, just playing spooky music for the upcoming halloween season.  It was a delightful night, and we very much recommend that you check it out.  (Here’s a few photos I took that night.)

IMG_1992And, continuing our trend of doing fun things outside of the house, we went to a Vinyl Record Swap at f/Stop Fitzgerald’s Public House here in Salem (which is conveniently located in our neighborhood).  The event was being hosted by The Sons of Salem radio show on KMUZ-FM, and was being partially sponsored / underwritten / etc. by Ranch Records, another Salem institution.  The swap ended up being super fun, and we met a lot of cool people that were very, very nice.  Here’s a photo of my loot.  As mentioned in the show, IMG_1994I traded the album Unpersons by Pack A.D. and a duplicate copy of Exotica by Martin Denny for everything you see here. IMG_1965 I feel bad because I did not recall the name of the gentleman who gave me a copy of his band’s single – Midnight Persuasion.  Anyway, I hope he forgives me, and I was very happy to be treated so well at my first outing, meeting those folks.  The LP I used my Gift Certificate on was The Cruisin’ ’66 LP, which Pat O’Day, not Gene.  And the record that Marla got for me at Christmas from Ranch was the recent reissue of the 1980 album by The Rats.  (And it is great.)

As mentioned during the show, Marla served her Carnitas for dinner when we were done recording.  And it was amazing!


IMG_0084Part 3: The Great American Roadtrip Colon Southwest Edition Part III

On day two we crossed over into Nevada, where I wrongly guess that it is a fairly unpopulated state, only to find it is the 17th least populated state in the country.  While we had lofty goals again, we opted to stay at the Wendover KOA near the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah (which were ridiculously beautiful).  The KOA was about what we expected, except that you could get pizza delivered to your tent, and we saw a pair of women we named The Juicy Girls, who kept popping up during our trip.  In spite of Marla feeling a little ill that night (from all the driving / heat, I imagine), we were still able to enjoy Edith Piaf while having Goat Cheese and Zucchini Omelet’s for breakfast, and that was fairly divine.

Here are our photos and videos from this leg of our trip.


Part 4: How can you not love Howard The Duck?

It is hard to deny our mutual love of Howard The Duck, which we watched on Halloween, and endlessly as children.  But that does not mean we don’t have to wrap up the show, so we will leave you with the song that Marla always gets stuck in her head from that movie.

The hashtag for this episode is #SpringInTheFall.  Let’s get that Spring Cleaning done in The Fall!  It’ll make you feel great, and it’s a good thing to do with The Holidays coming up.  I’m participating this year in #NaNoWriMo2015, and you can read my novel-in-progress – You Spin Me Right Round – over at my blog:  I urge you to follow along, and find out with me if I can actually finish it on time.

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